Why Some People Choose Not to Do Business with You

Why Choose Not to Do Business with Some Financial AdvisorsThis is a guest post by Don Connelly for FA Magazine. He shares his insights about the three reasons why some people choose not to do business with certain Financial Advisors. Here’s how the post goes.

I’m sure you rarely, if ever, get the chance to ask someone why he or she chose a competitor over you. If you were able to ask, you probably wouldn’t get a straight answer, anyway. People would rather lie to your face than hurt your feelings.

I get to ask that question all the time. I speak at client events and I mingle with clients. I always ask each person I meet why they picked their particular advisor? When I know why they picked an advisor, I know why they didn’t pick another advisor.

I have only ever heard three reasons and they are obvious in retrospect. The answer is never because of the firm the advisor represents. It’s never about gender, race or ethnicity.

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