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Don’t Ask for Referrals. Ask for Advice

Don Connelly audio podcast

I have a suggestion for those Advisors who have a difficult time asking their clients for referrals. Ask them for their advice and/or help instead.

Explain to your clients that you like doing business with people just like them. You feel you could possibly do a better job of marketing yourself and you would like some advice.

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A Message for All Financial Advisors Struggling to Make It

A Message for All Financial Advisors - Nothing Happens Without an Appointment

We can debate this subject all day long, but it always comes down to one reason. The reason Advisors fail is that they don’t see enough people. Blame it on self-sabotage, blame it on a lack of initiative or blame it any of a hundred other reasons, but Advisors make their living knee-to-knee. If we’re not sitting in front of folks, we are unemployed.

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Do You Deserve Referrals?

Do You Deserve Referrals

Everybody wants referrals, but only those who are referable get them. What does it really mean to be referable? What does it mean to deserve referrals? It means more than being competent at your job. It means more than being great at what you do…

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