5 Reasons to Develop a Repeatable Process

5 Reasons to Develop a Repeatable ProcessIt’s essential to develop consistent patterns of behavior if you are going to build a successful business. By continually changing direction and trying different things every quarter you won’t be able to hit your goals or measure the results of your progress. Without a measure of consistency you won’t become accountable and you’ll fail to win your clients’ trust or get them to invest with you for the long term.

Check out these 5 reasons you should develop repeatable processes.

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1. Develop a repeatable process to keep and win new clients

If you want to be the best rather than just good at what you do, you need to develop the habit of excellence.  By practicing your soft skills until they become second nature you will be able to develop processes you can repeat so you can effortlessly hit the mark every time.

You need to create, practice, and repeatedly tell great stories to align yourself with your clients’ needs and emotions. You need to consistently deliver great benefit statements, and always speak to clients on their level.  Also, demonstrate to clients how your strong investment philosophy and your commitment to sticking to the plan will benefit them in the long term.

By communicating repeatedly with clients you will be seen as trustworthy and caring. Without consistency in your approach clients will feel insecure and you will lose them. Think and act like a lifer and give your time and effort repeatedly and regularly to clients over the many years you will know them.

2. Develop a repeatable process to beat the competition

Before you dismiss consistency and repetition as boring, consider how exciting it will be when you start to amass more assets than those around you. The majority of your competition will not put in the time and effort to execute repeatable processes day in and day out. If you do, you will become a true craftsman, able to dismiss the external vagaries of the marketplace and succeed even in hard times. And you don’t need innate talent to develop winning repeatable strategies and processes either – you just need to have the tenacity to keep working on the basics.

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3. Be consistent to get more appointments

Your foremost goal in life is to get appointments. There is no other way you will win new clients and grow your business. Develop great time management skills so you can get all other tasks out of the way and concentrate on getting lots of appointments. Set a time aside every day to get on the phone and speak to prospects.   If we don’t schedule a time to prospect, we don’t do it.  We never get around to completing unstructured tasks.   Make prospecting a structured and scheduled task.

4. Create a repeatable process to make life simpler

By repeating your winning processes day in day out you have the luxury of knowing in advance the results you will get, leaving you less to worry about. You will know who you are going to call, and who you are going to see and you will have appointments every day so that you can move steadily towards your goals. Decisions will no longer be made in haste.  We all know that haste makes waste.

5. Create a repeatable process to measure your results

Once processes are repeatable they are measurable; and once they are measurable you can determine where potential problems are occurring so you can take steps to improve your processes.

Becoming consistent and having repeatable processes in place is mandatory. Your ultimate survival depends on it. So don’t be erratic. Set goals, work hard and become consistent. Know what to expect of yourself every day so you have fewer decisions to make. By making repeatable processes an integral part of your business plan you will get predictable results – the most predictable being your ultimate success.

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