In this blog category you will find blog posts with actionable information and tips how to hone your presentation skills, including but not limited to overcoming objections, improving your presentation, handling initial appointments with prospects, and more.

See Your Presentation Through

See Your Presentation Through - Become a Good Storyteller

You’ve worked hard to develop and tweak your presentation. You’ve given it and heard it countless times. But your prospective client hasn’t. It’s his or her first time through. Don’t get bored with your good stories and don’t get lazy.

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How Valuable Are You?

How Valuable Are You to Your Clients

Doing your job, even doing it well, will not set you apart. You will stand apart when you are known for doing more than is expected of you. Every Advisor’s wish is to be highly valued by his or her clients. How, then, do we make the relationship valuable in the eyes of the client?

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