How Valuable Are You?

How Valuable Are You to Your Clients

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Doing your job, even doing it well, will not set you apart.  You will stand apart when you are known for doing more than is expected of you.  Every Advisor’s wish is to be highly valued by his or her clients.

If our clients do not value the relationship, they will not be brand ambassadors.

They may not leave us because that would mean rocking the boat; but they won’t see the relationship as anything special.  How, then, do we make the relationship valuable in the eyes of the client?  There are many ways, of course.  Here are two: need and scarcity.

Becoming needed is not easy, far from it.  People need food, shelter, clothing and medical care.  There are no other basic needs.  But there are certain wants that can be and should be elevated to the status of needs.  Financial success is one such want.  It will be a need when your clients decide they can’t function efficiently without you.

Is hiring you a luxury that makes their lives easier or are you viewed as a factor necessary to their success?  Do your clients need you to the point that they rely upon you to solve their problems?  Do they include you in all their financial decisions?

The smaller the decisions with which you are involved, the more the perception of need and the more valuable the relationship.

Also at play in the perception of value is scarcity.  The scarcer the supply, the more valuable the commodity.  One trait in short supply in today’s society is caring more than the minimum.  People want good service and they are not the least bit surprised when they don’t get it.

If you care to the point that your service is second to none, you will reap a huge windfall.   You will become invaluable. You’ll be impossible to replace.

The scarcer your qualities, the greater the awareness that you are needed, the more invaluable you become.

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