Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th July from Don Connelly & AssociatesNations throughout the world celebrate important holidays in ways important to its citizens. America has eleven federal holidays and each is special. The Fourth of July might be the most special of all. We call it Independence Day or simply the Fourth.

Because the Fourth falls during the summer months, Americans take to the outdoors to celebrate. We surround ourselves with family and friends. We barbecue in the backyard. We wear red, white and blue. And we thank our lucky stars. We celebrate the birth of our nation.

One of the basic tenets underlying the intent of the Founding Fathers was individual freedom.

When a person is liberated from tyranny, he or she is free to pursue individual fulfillment within the confines of the law and societal mores. Thankfully, that still holds true all these years later

That tenet also reflects the very foundation of the Financial Services industry.

Success is not guaranteed, but the ability to pursue success is. You are welcome to succeed, but nobody is going to hand you success. Want to earn $100,000 per year? Be my guest. Want to earn $1,000,000 per year? Have at it. Want to build a successful business? Now’s your chance. Success is entirely within your grasp. So is failure.

The beauty of our business is that very frontier justice.

You can earn as much money and as much respect as you choose. You can spend your entire life making your own decisions. You are free to build the best business in the world. But there are no guarantees. There are no trophies for trying.

Use the freedom our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us to your advantage. Do not waste the rare opportunity you have been handed. Secure your future. Provide for your loved ones. Build your legacy.

The majority of people who try their hand at our business fail.

That’s the way it should be. That’s the American way. If success was easily attainable, the rewards wouldn’t be as great. If the competition wasn’t fierce, you wouldn’t try as hard. If the rewards weren’t as great, you wouldn’t be enjoying the wonderful lifestyle you are hopefully leading. Striving makes you tough; and if you weren’t as tough as you are, you wouldn’t be making it in one of the last great meritocracies.

Over the holiday, surround yourself with your loved ones.

Relax and reflect. Indulge. When you come back, come back hard. The year is half over. Are you on track? Have you hit your six-month goals? Are you satisfied with your performance thus far in 2016?

If not, perhaps you need to rewrite your business plan and redefine your goals. Perhaps you need to work harder. Perhaps you need to be uncomfortable for the next six months.

Remember what it means to keep this business simple.

Be likeable. Be trustworthy. Be smart. Mingle. Get the word out. Ask for what you want. Earn the right. Develop your talents into skills. Depend on yourself. Decide what you want and go get it. Build momentum. Succeed to your heart’s content. And above all else, don’t limp to the finish line.

Enjoy the Fourth. Take a well-earned break.

Bask in your freedom. Pursue happiness. And, most of all, be thankful for the right and the opportunity to do all those things.

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