How Do I Get People to Call Me Back?

I heard this great question from Jesse in Grand Rapids. Jesse said he was having difficulty getting people to return his calls, after supposedly thinking about his proposal. He meets with prospects and makes his presentation. They say “Let me think it over, I’ll give you a call” and they never do. After some time has passed, he calls them and leaves messages but they never return his calls. Why is that?

Listen to Don’s answer or read the transcript below to learn how to get people to call back.

Jesse, you’ve broached a very critical subject.

The success of any business is in follow up.

And our business is no different. Too few advisors are great at following up.

There’s a certain proper way to follow up. The thing to keep in mind is that following up is not nagging. It’s reminding. You’re not trying to sell something to an unwilling buyer. The services provided by an advisor are invaluable.

You said “I’ll call you”, which means “I’ll talk to you at some point”; you left it on a positive note. So when you leave a message, when you do call this person again, be positive.

You’re not nagging, be positive.

If you don’t get a call back right away, don’t be discouraged.

In your positive message, Jesse, gently remind the person of his or her goal. Again, you’re not calling to nag. You’re not a telemarketer calling during dinner.

You’re calling to remind the person of his need to fund his retirement, the sooner the better.

You told him that you would call him, and you did. You kept your end of the bargain. Now, Jesse, the burden’s on him or on her. Then get on with your other business, don’t sit and dwell on the phone call, don’t wait for the phone to ring. Don’t make the person feel guilty. Don’t exhibit anger. Don’t exhibit frustration. The more professional and upbeat you are, the more he or she will realize the need to respond.

Chances are you’ll never meet anyone who’s going to open an account so large that it’s going to change your life. You’re not waiting for Bill Gates to give you a call. So don’t worry about not getting a call.

Just make sure you’ve left enough messages with enough people, that you always do several calls. No matter what, be the consummate professional.

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