Read This if You Need a Boost in Self-motivation

Read This if You Need a Boost in Self-motivationAt some point in your career as a financial advisor you will experience a lack of motivation. When this happens you can either stay unmotivated and fail, or develop a new course of action and succeed. The following post includes some tips to help you do the latter.

Set realistic, concrete goals

Goal-setting is crucial when it comes to motivation. It’s a process that cannot be overemphasized. And it’s important to set goals around action rather than for immediate results.

Write your goals down. By writing down your goals and keeping them on your desk they’re always on hand to refer to, to tell you where you’re going and where you are now.

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Your daily task is to hit your daily goals. Use them to motivate you. Use them as magnetic, achievable, mile markers on a journey to your chosen destination. Make your goals the primary focus of your activity and stay committed to them for the long term. Develop good habits by developing repeatable processes, then remove distractions and block out the necessary time to get things done – so you can hit your goals.

Track your progress vigorously to help you maintain commitment and stay motivated. Reward yourself when you reach a goal because every time you do so you will know you’re another step on your way to success.

Stay in the game

Stay in the game and don’t give up. If you fail once and give up, the game’s over. If you fail but try again you will eventually succeed.

The fact that you have ‘failed’ does not make you a ‘failure’. Many successful people fail numerous times before they find success. Be like them – see failure as opening up a realm of new possibilities – get motivated and see this as a chance to do things differently next time round.

Building a strong career requires patience so stay focused on the basics. Don’t assume that there will be no consequences of not hitting your daily goals. There will be. A lack of attention on one day may turn into a week, or a month. Then without realizing it a bad quarter suddenly becomes a bad year. So persevere. Stay in the game.

Keep things in perspective

Accept rejection for what it is and separate ‘who you are’ from ‘what you do’. Maybe you had a bad month, or even a bad year.  You simply tripped up a little on the road to success. Don’t dwell on this. Simply decide to work hard so it doesn’t happen again. Consider getting a mentor to show you how you could do things better.

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Stay on an even keel

Control your behavior – it’s the one thing that remains firmly in your grasp when everything around you is in a continual state of flux. Stay away from negative people if you want to stay motivated. Remember negative people are not being realistic – they just stop good things from happening.

Stay balanced and keep your emotions consistent. One good day won’t make you successful, neither will one bad day ruin your career so don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a break.

Stay motivated for your clients’ sake

When times get tough you need to be a rock to your clients. In uncertain times, your clients need you more than ever, they need someone to be there for them with answers and words of encouragement.

To help you stay motivated, ask yourself why you became a financial advisor. What is your goal? It’s more than just about the money – it’s to help other people.  You have a true gift and that’s to give clients financial peace of mind. So by sticking to your plan and fulfilling your dreams you will also be benefiting others.

If you want to succeed don’t wait for the right time to get started.

You alone are in charge of your destiny so use these tips to help motivate you. Hitting goals is hard work but persevere, stay focused and you have every chance of achieving the success you deserve.

Start today!

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