Nothing Happens without an Appointment

Would you like to have $50,000,000 in assets under management? How about a $100,000,000? How about $500,000,000? It’s simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple. Go get an appointment. It all starts with getting an appointment. Nothing happens without an appointment in this business. Go on the appointment, get your nose bloody, come back and get another appointment. Then get another one. Then get another one. Building a career is a series of many steps. Success is not part time. Get in the habit of getting appointments.

Watch this video or read the transcript below to learn how to get in the habit of getting appointments.

The way to start is to determine your number.

Everyone has a number, including you. The most productive hockey player from Europe in the history of the National Hockey League, Jaromír Jágr. Jágr was number 68. In 1968, a revolution against communism was launched in his native Czechoslovakia. His grandfather, who was a resistor, was jailed by the Soviets and died in prison in 1968, that same year. Jágr wears 68, all in the memory of his grandfather.

Jágr’s number was 68. So, what’s your number?

Figure out how many appointments you need to get where you want to go.

Thomas Watson was once asked how he built IBM. He said he imagined what he wanted and he worked backwards. Do that with appointments. Imagine how much GDC you want to do this year or in the next five years, or how many assets you want to gather, and work backwards.

What would a typical account generate in fees? How many clients do you need to reach your goal? How many appointments does it take to get one new client? You get the idea. And believe me, this method works. We talked in another video about Dave Hubbard and his thesis on Most Valuable Activities make getting an appointment a most valuable activity.

When you get an appointment, get another appointment.

Here’s a story Dave told on a Don Connelly 24/7 webinar. And these were in Dave’s words. He said many years ago he attended a workshop conducted by an extremely successful advisor who had several hundred million under management. During the workshop, the advisor revealed he only kept track of one thing in his business.

He tracked how many client and prospect appointments he had held on a face to face basis every year. He said his number was 400. He needed to have at least 400 appointments every year. Now, most years he exceeded that figure before knowing it was his minimum.

His most valuable activity was conducting client appointments, period.

As he was only working about 40 weeks a year, he needed to see 10 people a week, an average of two a day. He was adamant that his continued success was all centered on that, his ability to see clients.

Conducting two client or two prospect appointments per day sounds easy.

Every advisor Dave said he talks to says, “Oh, it’s very achievable.” Most tell me they can see more than two people a day. Funny thing is, they don’t. They don’t even see an average of one person a day. Sometimes they have three or four meetings in a single day, then go several days without seeing anybody. Don’t delay – go get an appointment!

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