People Are Voice-Activated

People Are Voice Activated

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Here’s today’s takeaway.  People are voice activated. Prospects are not going to talk to you until you talk to them. And there are only three types of people you can prospect going forward:

  • people you know who are currently doing business with you;
  • people you know who are not currently doing business with you, and
  • people you haven’t met yet.

Who you finally do business with is up to you, not up to them. I suggest you identify one or more target markets and do a marketing plan for each.  Write down who you are going to prospect, how you plan to prospect them, when you are going to start, how much money you are going to spend in this pursuit and why this market makes sense to you.

Then go meet people.  Get proactive.  Introduce yourself.

The most important prospecting tip I can give you is get off the couch and go mix it up. Successful people in our business are proactive.

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