3 Prospecting Tips You Might not Like but Should Embrace

3 Prospecting Tips You Might not Like but Should EmbraceOut of all your daily tasks, prospecting will bring you the biggest rewards. It will open doors, get you new accounts and increase your assets. Unfortunately many advisors see prospecting as one of the least enjoyable parts of the job. But don’t put off prospecting, it’s something you have to do. It is the one thing you can’t delegate.

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As you get better at prospecting you will start to enjoy it more. Here are three ways to help you get more comfortable with prospecting.

#1 Get used to approaching strangers

Top Advisors are confident. They move with ease through life and that includes being able to approach strangers comfortably. You need to develop this level of confidence too so you can start prospecting without fear.

Start saying hello to the people you come across in your daily life, on the street, in elevators, at seminars, wherever and whenever. It’s a harmless and sociable way to get used to introducing yourself to strangers. People will appreciate it and it will help you get over your self-consciousness.

If someone offered you $1000 in cash to walk up and introduce yourself to complete strangers would you do it? In reality just doing this one thing could earn you way more than that.

#2 Prospect small business owners

Throughout the world, the money is in the small business market. Small business owners are generally very busy and most have their money tied up in their businesses. Therefore they will not go out of their way to meet you.

They don’t generally go to seminars and they do not want their names given out as referrals. The best way to meet them is to go see them. Simply walk into their business and introduce yourself. You’ll be surprised at how many haven’t yet put retirement plans in place.

Plan your visit at a non-busy time of day. Ask about the business. Listen to their success stories. Let them talk. You just need to put yourself in front of them to get the ball rolling.

#3 Ask for referrals – a bitter yet necessary pill

It’s difficult to ask for referrals. It feels like admitting your business needs help to grow – and what happens if clients say no? Successful advisors take on this distasteful task because it’s necessary. In fact getting referrals is the most rewarding prospecting technique there is.

When it comes to asking for referrals, don’t think about yourself. Think instead about the people you can help. Who else deserves your help to get their kids through college or plan for a secure retirement?

If you continue to feel uncomfortable getting in front of people it will start to affect your self-esteem and your fear of failure will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So stare down your anxiety and get comfortable with the very things that make you anxious. Act with impunity, be bold and you will become a confident and persuasive prospector.

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