Self-awareness Helps You Understand How People Perceive You

Self-awareness Helps You Understand How People Perceive You

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As a Financial Advisor, your image is all-important. You’ve got to get it right. The burden is on you to decide how you want people to perceive you. As you are crafting your image, be reminded that every word you say and every move you make are advertisements. In too many cases, there is a big difference between what the Advisor thinks he is sending as an image and what the world perceives.

Psychologists talk about the ‘better than average effect.’

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Simply put, we are not always honest with ourselves about how we are doing; and as a result we are not always viewed as we wish to be viewed. A common example of this is that ninety percent of all drivers think they are better than average. This misconception is largely due to limited self-awareness. They drive like jerks and think they are doing great.

This same limited self-awareness can apply to our behavior.

We too often assume that we present a better image than the average person when that’s not always the case.

I suggest that you write down exactly how you wish to be perceived in public and undertake the behavior that will create the buzz that you are the obvious choice among the Financial Advisors in your town or city.

What must you do to create a positive lasting impression?

I’m sure you’re most of the way there already. But we all can use some tweaking. Obviously, never blow a first impression. Maintain a professional appearance at all times. Adopt a positive outlook. Be punctual. Be yourself. Use good judgment.

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It’s not always obvious what we shouldn’t do.

Nobody wants to appear opinionated, yet we all want to be heard. Exactly when does an opinion cross the line? Have you ever been in a room when someone who’s not a native of your country begins to lecture you about your own country? That’s when.

Crossing the line occurs when a person presents his or her opinion as fact. A conversation turns into a lecture from a know-it-all. Don’t do that.

Keep the need for self-awareness in perspective. Don’t go overboard.

To become overly focused on self-awareness is to become self-conscious and nobody wants that. Self-consciousness thwarts individuality. If we become convinced that we are always being examined, we’ll start acting like other members of the herd so that we don’t appear different.

Being too self-aware is as damaging as being unaware.

The whole world’s not watching you, waiting to see what your next move will be.

To refine your public self-awareness, decide what behaviors you must adopt to be viewed as likeable, trustworthy and smart. It’s pretty simple to figure out.

Drop the ego. Be interested in the other person. Give compliments. Focus on following the Golden Rule. Remind yourself to do what you say you’ll do. Protect secrets. Get great at what you do.

Finally remember that clients just want to educate their kids, pay their taxes and retire.

They don’t want a PhD in Finance. They don’t want to crunch numbers. They do not anticipate becoming stock market experts. What they are doing is keeping their eyes open for someone they can trust. They are going to choose an Advisor whom they like. They are going to weigh all recommendations and decide which ones are right for their families.

Make sure it’s you who fits the bill.

If you were going to hire a Financial Advisor today, what qualities would you insist that person possess? How would you want that person to think and behave? How about appearance? That’s the appearance you need to present to the world.

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