Tell Simple Stories

Clients, as we’ve discussed in the past, love word pictures. What we find very, very simple, people find very, very difficult to comprehend. This is much the same as you and I having difficult time understanding two lawyers when they talk.  It’s because of lingo.

Listen to this audio episode or read the transcript below to learn how stories can help you make yourself understood.

Because our lingo in the financial services industry is just as confusing to people you need to use stories when communicating to current and prospective clients. So tell them stories.

If they say to you “I want to think it over”  or “let me do some research” or “let me get back to you”,  that is no different than telling a doctor who prescribes medicine, “I’ll take the medicine as soon as I finish medical school”.  They would never do that.  That’s the same as telling you ‘ I want to think it over’ and ‘I’ll make a decision later’.  You take the medicine because you trust the doctor.

People follow your advice because they trust you.  Gain their trust and keep it simple.

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