What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7 in December 2014

What's New Don Connelly 247 December 2014Happy New Year, everyone!

We open our blog for the year 2015 with our blog series, What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7. We recap new video and audio podcasts, Weekly Focus issues, the Monthly Newsletter, and new products. Read on!

What’s new on Don Connelly 24/7 in December 2014

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New Podcasts

Don’s Monthly Newsletter for December – I Hope You Get Shot Down A Lot In 2015

It’s that time of year. Your 2015 business plan is due. You’ve got a blank page and a new chapter to write. As always, we’ll see opportunity and crisis playing leapfrog. You will have successes and you will have failures, hopefully more of the former. You’ll get new clients and you’ll lose a few old clients. You’ll act decisively. You’ll waver. You’ll be up and you’ll be down. You’ll come out the other end a better person.

2015 is upon us. It’s time to suck it up and try it again. Or is it?

I have some food for thought as you sit down to write your plans for 2015.

I’m a reader and two of my favorite topics are achieving success and the pursuit of excellence.  It seems no matter whom I read about, athlete, business success or artist; the shared qualities are predictable.  Hard work, ingenuity, passion, luck and persistence always play a key role.  I rarely get surprised.  I’ve come to expect reinforcement more than enlightenment.

Having said that, I must say I was recently enlightened.  I read something that presented me with a whole new train of thought that makes sense.

Read or listen to the monthly newsletter, available in written as well as audio format.

The AskDON episode which goes with this Monthly Newsletter comes from Tom in Portland, Maine. 

I get the need for a business plan, but the thought of writing a tome makes me vomit.  Is there a way to simplify the process?  

Find Don’s answer in the second part of both the written and the audio version of the Monthly Newsletter.

Don’s Weekly Focus

Each Wednesday Don sends our premium members a Weekly Focus email containing:

  • one insight for the week
  • one of Don’s brief but dynamic video/audio podcasts
  • one easily implemented Action Plan

During the month of December, we sent out and posted 5 Weekly Focus issues, as follows:

New Product Release – How to Excel in the Securities Industry: The Best of Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo, Vol. I

4-CD Set: What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do

Don Connelly and Richard Capalbo have enjoyed long and successful careers in the Financial Services Industry.  Through their joint collaboration on this project they offer more than 90 years of experience, insight and wisdom. This CD series, “How to Excel in the Securities Industry” features Don and Richard discussing various aspects of the Financial Advisory business.

They present their thoughts and observations on What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do.  This practice management library is part of Don and Richard’s legacy to the Financial Services industry and is their hope that Financial Advisors around the globe can light their candles from them as Don and Richard have done from so many others throughout their careers.

Note that this product is not eligible for a membership discount. It is available as a 4-CDs set or as a digital product in mp3 format.

Buy the 4-CD Set

Or purchase and download the mp3 version of the CDs


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