What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7 in July

What's New Don Connelly 247 July 2014Today it’s time for the new post in our blog series What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7. Like every other month, we recap new video and audio podcasts, Weekly Focus issues, the Monthly Newsletter, and other premium content recently released on the Don Connelly 24/7 learning center – e.g. the latest Webinar Replay. Read on!

What’s new on Don Connelly 24/7 in July

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New Podcasts

Don’s Monthly Newsletter for July – The Need for a Vision Story

Getting clients to stick with the plan. Convincing them to maintain a positive attitude in a bad market. Suggesting that they add money to their accounts in the ensuing years rather than spending the money on material possessions. Asking them to change behavior, to give up old habits in exchange for new ones. Insisting they postpone certain gratifications, in some cases for years. These are big demands. It’s not as simple as asking people to do what is best for them. Left to their own devices, people generally do not do what is best for them. Successful public health campaigns rarely convince more than ten percent of the population to take action; and health is a lot more important than money. Despite the importance of changing, people are not very good at it. Your job is not easy.

When the energy required to see a commitment through to its end fades, relationships fail and long-range plans are abandoned. When the assumption is made that a happy ending is unattainable or the bumps in the road are insurmountable, the people involved quit.

Every one of your client relationships and every one of the plans for those clients is long term. And every one of those relationships will encounter many bumps in the road. There will be lots of opportunities to quit.

How do you get your clients to grin and bear it?

The monthly newsletter is available in written as well as audio format.

The AskDON episode which goes with this Monthly Newsletter comes from an Advisor in Beverly Hills. It was more of an observation than a question. She finds it a bit odd that financial success is a function of delayed gratification in a world that endlessly insists on instant gratification. Does Don have any thoughts on that subject? Find Don’s answer in the second part of both the written and the audio version of the Monthly Newsletter.

Don’s Weekly Focus

Each Wednesday Don sends our premium members a Weekly Focus email containing:

  • one idea, tip, or insight for the week
  • one of Don’s brief but dynamic video/audio podcasts
  • one easily implemented Action Plan

During the month of July, we sent out and posted 5 Weekly Focus issues, as follows:

Because Professional members and Weekly Focus subscribers can view only the last 4 Weekly Focus issues, the 5th issue this month, from July 2, can be viewed only by PLATINUM members who have access to the complete Weekly Focus library.

And finally, our latest webinar replay, held on July 24!

How to Use Stories and Analogies to Influence and Persuade

During this webinar, we discussed the importance of speaking in such a manner that our listener understands everything we say. It is the Advisor’s job to influence and persuade and it all begins with communicating clearly. “We want to go home and think it over” is often code-speak for “We don’t really understand you.”

When you give a good presentation full of sound advice and people choose not to act, what went wrong? Why did they choose not to do business with you? Why did you fail to move them?

There really aren’t that many possible answers to this question. See the blog post recap of the webinar here.

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