What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7 in September

What's New Don Connelly 247 September 2014This is the newest post in our blog series What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7. We recap new video and audio podcasts, Weekly Focus issues, the Monthly Newsletter, and other premium content recently released on the Don Connelly 24/7 learning center – e.g. the latest Webinar Replay. Read on!

What’s new on Don Connelly 24/7 in September

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New Podcasts

Don’s Monthly Newsletter for September – Just How Good a Financial Advisor Are You Expected to Be?

You’re expected to be good, really good. But, you’re not expected to be perfect.

Apple has a program called ‘early field failure analysis.’ The day after a product launch, the engineers wait for the inevitable defective units to be returned. The failures are analyzed and the problems are fixed. The sooner the problems are identified, the less costly the mistakes.

Apple’s not expected to get it right every time, but they are expected to fix the mistakes ASAP. They don’t claim they will always get it right, but they do claim they will do the best job possible.

Defects are identified as defects, not as failures. They focus on minimizing mistakes and they predetermine their customers’ expectations by being forthright and upfront. “We will make mistakes and we will fix them when we do.” What else can a reasonable customer expect?

We need to establish our own early field failure analysis. Client expectations are what we establish them to be and shame on the Advisor if those expectations are out of line. We need to predetermine client expectations, identify defects as defects and admit we will make mistakes.

Here is a question you must ask of every client.

Read or listen to the monthly newsletter, available in written as well as audio format.

The AskDON episode which goes with this Monthly Newsletter comes from Platinum subscriber, Matt, in Los Angeles.  Andy’s email reads as follows:

“Dear Don: I’ve never used AskDON before, but I am finally going to. I have a question for you. I need all my clients and do not have the luxury of throwing anyone out of the boat. I have one guy I cannot please, no matter what I say or do. He’s a nitpicker and he’s not very friendly. I would like to leave him by the side of the road, but, instead, I have to deal with him. What’s your advice for dealing with unruly clients?”

Find Don’s answer in the second part of both the written and the audio version of the Monthly Newsletter.

Don’s Weekly Focus

Each Wednesday Don sends our premium members a Weekly Focus email containing:

  • one insight for the week
  • one of Don’s brief but dynamic video/audio podcasts
  • one easily implemented Action Plan

During September, we sent out and posted 4 Weekly Focus issues, as follows:

If you missed our latest webinar, held on September 24, check out its replay!

How to Anticipate, Overcome and Avoid Getting Objection

Listen and watch this webinar replay to learn how to:

  • anticipate objections
  • overcome objections
  • build great rapport
  • listen to clients
  • understand clients’ needs
  • have such a professional story and presentation that you avoid getting any objections.

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