Where Should You Be Focusing

“Where should I be focusing?” is a question for all advisors, but especially young advisors, who are wondering where to focus when starting their practice. I received an email from Brian in Orlando in reply to one of my newsletters where I talked about focusing on getting appointments. He agrees with the notion and he says that’s all he’s trying to do, but he asks what else I suggest he does besides focusing on getting appointments?

Listen to the audio podcast or read the transcript below to learn what else you should focus on, besides getting appointments.

Here’s another suggestion that you can implement immediately.

Outwork everybody around you.

You’ll notice the advisors opening the most accounts and gathering the most assets are the least distracted among us. They come to work in the morning and they get right to it.

As a new advisor, but really this applies to all advisors, you might be able to match experienced advisors talent for talent, but you can’t match older advisors skill for skill. It takes time to develop skills and experienced advisors have the jump on you. Where you can compete with them and anybody is work ethic.

You’ll find when you’re able to look back that the least likely candidates became successful – least likely in terms of talent possibly, appearance, and even in some cases personality. They simply worked as hard as they could. I find that most people, not just advisors, don’t work as hard as they think they do.

So make that one extra call. Beat the other people to work in the morning. Stay later if you have to. Don’t let up for 5 years. Someday you’re going to hear young advisors talking about you, saying how lucky YOU are, little do they know.

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