Your Goal Today Is to Get an Appointment

Your Goal Today Is to Get an Appointment

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What’s so magical about having goals? It’s not so much that we don’t achieve them. It’s that we too often conveniently forget we even have them. With or without goals, we still go in and chip away day after day. Not having goals is not going to cause us to skip a day. I work hard with or without goals. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that not having goals is a career death wish.

We’ve all seen Advisors who have that bizarre belief that “if I don’t have a plan, I can’t fail. I didn’t fail to hit anything, because there was nothing to hit in the first place. I prefer to function day-to-day.” That’s self-sabotage.

However, goals are only a big deal if they are useful.

You are in Boston and your plan is to drive to Los Angeles. Those useful mile markers you pass on the way? Those are your goals. You pass each goal on the way to your destination. You pass little goals on the way to achieving your big goal.

Why short term goals? Why not just focus on my long term goal?

It’s the long term goal that’s important. Because to get to California, you’ve got to go through Ohio. To get to Ohio, you’ve got to go through Pennsylvania. To get to Pennsylvania, you’ve got to go through New York. The thought of a three thousand mile drive can be and is detrimental to a positive outlook. Ennui takes its toll. We daydream and lose focus. It almost is not worth it. The high of overcoming little goals keeps us going. You can’t get to Los Angeles without going through Western Massachusetts.

Getting to one hundred million in assets is impossible without getting to fifty million in assets.

Getting to fifty million in assets is impossible without getting to one million in assets. Getting to one million is assets is impossible without getting to one dollar in assets and getting to one dollar is assets is impossible without getting an appointment.

Nothing happens in your world without an appointment.

Would you like to have one hundred million in assets to manage? Go get an appointment.

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The time frame for getting an appointment is up to you. You can get it today or you can wait until tomorrow. Short term goals don’t always have a time frame attached. If you prefer procrastinating, find something that doesn’t take much commitment. Checking emails is always a good one. But, I caution you, procrastination is not a time management problem. It’s much deeper than that. And it has caused as much failure in our industry as fear. In our business, we make our living with our wits. We don’t get paid to show up. We get paid to produce.

Knowing what you want makes clear what you need to concentrate on.

Knowing you’ve got to open accounts and bring in assets means you’ve got to concentrate on getting appointments. If you generate fifteen (or ten, or five or even two) appointments a week consistently, you succeed. Don’t generate appointments and you are on your way to your next great adventure in life.

Make it your goal to set an appointment every day.

Some days you’ll strike out and some days you’ll set two or three appointments. It depends on how much you’ve developed your skills. Appointments are your salvation. This is a knee-to-knee business and there’s only one way to get knee-to-knee. You’ve got to ask.

Unfortunately for you, the people you want to meet can’t read your mind. You can ask for an appointment or you can hope somebody asks you to see them. Make it your goal to ask them. The minute you ask, you are one step closer to one hundred million dollars.

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