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Optimism Is a Choice

Optimism Attitude and Financial Advisors

I read an interesting article that stated each of us has nearly 60,000 thoughts per waking day, one each second. We mostly think about things we have thoughts about before and many of those thoughts are negative.

Mood and memory are linked.

For whatever reason, bad thoughts seem more powerful than good thoughts. We hash over the bad thoughts and we get in a bad mood. People in bad moods think negative thoughts. We should call it a negativity loop.

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People Are Deciding about You, Not the Numbers

Do Business with You - People Decide about You and Not numbers

When you are trying to convince someone to do business with you, you must earn that person’s trust. When you use charts, graphs and numbers to make your point, you are asking the person to trust the numbers. Asking someone to trust the numbers is really saying there is no need to trust you.

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Can You Tell Me in Eight Seconds What You Do for a Living?

Don Connelly audio blog post

When someone asks you what you do for a living or asks you exactly what it is you do as a Financial Advisor, how simple do you think your answer should be? Bingo. Very simple.

According to the NationalCenter for Biotechnology Information, the attention span of a human being is eight seconds. To put that in perspective, the attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds. If you like that statistic and want to learn others, check out

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Advice Is the Hardest Thing in the World to Sell

From Don Connelly Blog - audio post

I’m convinced that the fastest growing industry in the world is cheap advice. From discount houses to DIY websites to blogs like this one, everybody’s got advice for us and most of it’s worth exactly what it costs, little or nothing.

That’s because it’s not advice. It’s information and information without a user’s manual is useless. There’s so much information disguised as advice being shoved our way that it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Real advice gets lost in the shuffle.

Our advice is hard to sell precisely because there is so much information flying around falsely packaged as advice.

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What Is #1 Reason Advisors and Wholesalers Fail

Why Advisors Fail - What's the #1 Reason

Lance Armstrong once observed that a boo is a lot louder than a cheer. He’s right. And a no is a lot louder than a yes.

Advisors (and wholesalers) who fail often do so because they don’t see enough people.

Imagine the financial planning gods coming down and granting you immunity for a year. You don’t need to rely on your skills. Every time you call for an appointment, the person says yes. Every time you ask the person to become your client, the person says yes. Every time you ask for an introduction to your clients’ friends, they give you five names and go with you on the appointments.

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Stand Apart from the Crowd

Distinctly Different - Ya Gotta Stand Out CD

I have a friend who is married to one of America’s most successful professional golfers. My friend is a golf pro, but a teaching pro. He is also his wife’s coach. He knows her game so well that he can watch her on television during the day and give her his advice that night. He is a consummate pro.

One day he and I were discussing the golf swing, specifically my lousy swing. He asked me if …

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