Now Is the Time to Take Your Video Marketing to the Next Level

Now Is the Time to Take Your Video Marketing to the Next LevelAs a result of the covid19 pandemic, both advisors and their clients have discovered the benefits of virtual communications. For clients, it has resulted in more convenient, expeditious, and personalized communications from their advisors, which they value tremendously.

For advisors, it has resulted in greater efficiency, more visibility, and more opportunities to connect with prospective and current clients, which translates into more growth and profitability. To a great extent, advisors have been able to turn an obstacle into an opportunity by adopting video conferencing and webinars with great success.

However, with the adoption of virtual communications, advisors have only scratched the surface of technology’s potential to transform their business. Imagine what could happen if advisors take full advantage of the technologies available today that have increased visibility, customer satisfaction, and retention, and converted more leads in other industries for several years.

Let’s take, for example, how tech-savvy Financial Advisors are turning to video marketing and live streaming as a way to get their message out.

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Video Marketing Using YouTube

As evidenced by the more than 2 billion YouTube users, video marketing has become a potent medium in the last ten years. Why? Because people love videos. Most people are visually-oriented. When a video pops up on a landing page or in an email, they are much more likely to watch a video than they are to scroll through a bunch of text. According to research conducted by, 65% of viewers watch at least three-quarters of a video before clicking away.

Not only do videos retain visitors’ attention more than other mediums, but they are also far more effective in moving them to action. The same research reports that 70% of marketers state that video is their highest performing medium, and 90% of consumers state that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

What kind of videos do people watch? They like short explainer or how-to videos, which is ideal for advisors who can present planning concepts. Just go on YouTube and search around to see what financial topics are getting a lot of views. The key is to keep it concise, about 30 to 60 seconds, especially if you are going to post them on social media.

The good news is that posting videos on YouTube (which can then be repurposed through emails or blog posts on your website) is easy and low cost. Anyone can start a YouTube channel. Then, you just need a stable horizontal camera (could be a smartphone), good lighting, a sharp image, and clear sound, in that order. You will need to do a little post-production work to add titles and graphics as well as a call to action. Many advisors choose to outsource post-production to ensure the best possible quality.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is gaining popularity among people looking for video content. Live streaming gives viewers a more authentic look at you and your services, and it can be repurposed as a posted video on your website, in your emails, and on social media. YouTube Live and Facebook Live are the quickest ways to maximize exposure.

Live streaming can seem somewhat intimidating. After all, you need to be able to hold viewers’ attention for at least three to five minutes, which may not seem long, but it can be an eternity if you don’t have your content down. You can’t see your audience, but you know they’re out there.

Here are some ideas that will attract and retain an audience:

Show your process: People are always looking for a better way to do things, which is why how-to videos are always in demand.

Mistakes to avoid in financial planning or investing: People naturally want to avoid mistakes, especially when it comes to their finances. Share the mistakes people often make and how they can overcome them.

Host a Q&A session: Q&A sessions are one of the best ways to drive engagement, and people like the “town hall” format of learning about issues important to them.

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Include a Call to Action

A video or live stream is not unlike any other form of marketing. Just as you do with your email campaigns or on your website, you need to include a direct and specific call to action, whether it’s to subscribe to your YouTube channel or Facebook page, or an invitation to schedule a virtual meeting. Always provide your website address, email address, and phone number.

Promoting Your Videos and Live Streams

Your goal is not to become a famous YouTuber. It is to connect with people and build a following over time. You also build influence and trust that way, which is key to growing your following and converting more leads.

To promote your video or live stream, use your existing media channels, including your website and blog, email contacts and social media channels. Your main promotion should include the concepts to be presented and what viewers can expect to learn. Follow-up promotions can simply repeat the event title, date, and time. Your clients can be your best promoters if you encourage them to invite friends or share a video post.

You can’t expect to attract a big audience or build a significant following overnight. It takes time as anything in marketing does. But if you continue to work on the quality of your presentations and present consistently, you will build influence, credibility, and trust along the way.

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