A First-Time Opportunity: Join Don Connelly for a Full Day Workshop/Retreat in Sarasota

Acquiring Effective Communication Skills – just 25 places available

I am conducting a one-day workshop for Financial Advisors seeking to improve their soft skills.

The soft skills and verbal skills you need to get to the next level are not taught in training. Being book-smart is not enough to succeed as an Advisor. You have to be street-smart as well.

Elite Advisors are not outliers. They are hard workers who relentlessly strive to improve their people skills and their verbal skills. They know that people don’t simply decide to seek financial advice. They also decide who to seek it from. People looking for an Advisor are not looking for more information. They are looking for someone they can trust. EQ plays a far bigger role than IQ when it comes to gathering assets and opening accounts.

At this workshop, you will learn how to tell stories and use analogies; you will learn how to influence, educate and inspire people to take action and you will get an inside look at the shared traits and habits of the most Elite Advisors I know.

In this session, I’ll help you build the most important story you will ever tell, your ‘Who I Am’ story, the story that tells people who you are and why they should hire you.

You will receive valuable material including a compendium of dozens of analogies you need to keep your clients calm and focused on the long-term, not the short-term.

If someone is going to hire you to manage their financial affairs, only three things must happen. It doesn’t matter whether you represent a big firm or a small firm, it doesn’t matter your gender or age, and it doesn’t matter your experience. What does matter is your authenticity, your ability to communicate your ideas in a language that people understand and your ability to motivate others to follow your advice.

If you’re determined to get to the next level, please watch this 2-minute video and join me on May 17.

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25 seats available – early bird discount available until April 10

We’ll take a deep-dive into the habits of Elite Advisors.

I’ve worked with some of the most successful advisors in the world and it’s become apparent that they all share common attributes along with a work ethic that’s second to none.

Elite advisors inspire and enthuse their clients by demonstrating their honesty and authenticity early on. And, while their charm offensive looks effortless, l can reveal that ‘charisma’ isn’t necessarily an innate characteristic. You can learn how to radiate self-confidence and likeability, and quickly win new clients. Success is well within your reach so long as you’re prepared to work hard and practice your communication skills.

We’ll discuss why you should be telling stories and using analogies.

If you’re not using stories and analogies as part of your communication strategy there’s no time to lose. You won’t become an elite advisor unless you become a great storyteller. Successful advisors understand the importance of making the unfamiliar familiar and are expert at communicating the value of their services to others. To grow your business, you need to become adept at using stories and analogies to get your message across and ensure clients follow your advice.

I’ll direct you toward mastering the art of storytelling and help you get started on creating your all-important ‘who I am’ story so you can quickly establish empathy with prospects. We’ll also discuss how essential it is to have an effective bear market presentation at the ready so you can help keep clients invested for the long term.

We’ll look at the importance of analogies, too, and I’ll give you dozens of strong analogies you can take away and put to use in your practice. Analogies are powerful tools that paint word pictures in the minds of your clients. You can use them to make things simpler so that people can understand your message. You can also use them to overcome objections and explain the nature of volatility, ensuring clients are less inclined to rush to the sidelines when the markets are tough.

We’ll talk about the value of emotional intelligence.

During the course of the day you’ll begin to understand the value of emotional intelligence (EQ) as opposed to IQ. When a prospect makes the decision to work with you or not, they use the non-rational part of the brain. People will hire you based on your personality, not your qualifications.

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Early bird discount available until 4/10, only 25 seats available

The number one reason clients fire their advisors is poor communication on the Advisor’s part – so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, first-hand, the secrets of effective communication. At the end of this exclusive full-day workshop/retreat you’ll leave armed with new tools you can use right away to improve your business.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying what promises to be a productive, enjoyable and inspiring day.

Acquiring Effective Communication Skills - a One-Day Workshop with Don Connelly

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