Care More than People Expect You to Care

I’m not sure why service keeps slipping to new lows, in America and abroad. Jim Bush of American Express has an interesting theory and he may be right. His notion is that businesses worldwide are obsessed with cost and they view customer service as a cost.

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Cost is in everyone’s cross hairs. Eliminate or reduce it. We didn’t reach out to the customer. He reached out to us. Get off the phone. Move on. Who’s next? And the granddaddy of them all: let’s replace people with robotic voices. That will save us a bundle.

I have a different theory. I think we live in a mediocre world. Good has been replaced by good enough. Exceptionalism is not only quaint, it’s frowned upon. Somehow to feel exceptional about oneself has become synonymous with being worthy of criticism. Hey, you, get back in line. Be like the rest of us.

Why we have become mediocre is a topic for a different day, but we do indeed live in a mediocre world.

When people get poor service, they are not the least bit surprised.

People no longer expect good service except in the very finest of establishments, places where they willingly pay a lot in exchange for that good service. Mediocrity is the new standard.

That opens an enormous door for you. Once people get used to mediocrity, anything above mediocrity stands out.

Starting today, stand out. Refuse to be mediocre.

You will be a magnet for clients looking for someone better than average. Strive to not simply beat mediocrity. Strive to be excellent. To be excellent is simply to do the ordinary things extraordinarily well. Pick one area upon which to improve and improve it until it is world class.

I suggest you pick the art of caring. A stepson of mediocrity is lack of caring. Nobody cares anymore.

Your clients expect you to care.

Why don’t you care more than they expect you to care? Why don’t you love your clients so much that only God can take them away, not poor service and not the competition?

You will not be able to care more than people expect you to care until you fall in love with being a Financial Advisor.

When you fall in love, passion becomes a driving force. Great people don’t succeed because of technique. They succeed because of passion. Love what you do so much that you can’t wait to get up in the morning and do it again. Then you’ll care.

Be so passionate about the relationship that you will never again overpromise. Great client service begins with under promising. Don’t promise to do something. Do something and then tell people you did it.

Make every interaction, in phone or in person, unique and unforgettable. Giving the other person your undivided attention is a great way to start. Listen, listen, listen.

Choose to maintain a positive attitude. Make it easy to do business with you. Jump all over problems. Make caring the very core of your business.

Do your clients trust you implicitly? They better.

Next to the family doctor, you are the most important person that family will ever meet. You want to be more than the family’s Advisor. You want to be the family’s partner. The more you care, the more involved you become with the family. The more involved you become, the less the family views you as a vendor.

Passionate caring fuels solid relationships and solid relationships do more than drive revenue. Solid relationships define your brand.

How your clients feel after dealing with you is a function of how they perceive your feelings for them to be. Too many Advisors pretend to care. You be the exception. Make sure that when your clients think of caring and integrity, they think of you.

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