Don’t Feel Guilty About Not Being Perfect

Don’t Feel Guilty About Not Being PerfectThere will be times when you get it wrong. Car mechanics and even doctors don’t get it right all the time and neither will you. Mistakes are easy to make and inevitable. As markets get more and more complex the chances of getting things wrong increase even more, and the longer you’re in business the more times you will be wrong.

But never see this as failure. Accept mistakes as part of life and keep on track by not feeling guilty. If you are doing everything you can with everything you’ve got you are a winner so you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Get client to think long-term

Overcome your guilt about being wrong in the short-term. Remain calm during turbulent times, since your clients are relying on you to steer them back to calmer waters. Volatility, bear markets and recessions are not your fault so don’t feel guilty. Stick to the basics of sound and prudent investment planning and avoid drawn out short-term discussions.

Think long-term, get your clients to think long-term and overcome negative emotions – yours included – with a proper perspective.

Don’t overpromise and you won’t underperform

Setting client expectations is key to your success as a financial advisor. Nobody expects you to be right all the time unless you intimate that you will be. So don’t overpromise and you won’t be guilty of underperforming. Even the very best advisors are wrong 1 out of 3 times.

Ask new clients to tell you what they expect from you. In general they don’t need to make a killing on the stock market, they mostly just want to beat the bank.

When you’re talking to clients admit you are not perfect but stress that you are perfectly placed to get them where they want to be going. Tell them that there will more than likely be a few hiccups on the way but that you’ll get them there, on time, safely. Nobody could ask for more.

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Your clients will understand that you’re human. So don’t walk around feeling burdened with a sense of guilt that you didn’t hit an unreasonable goal. By setting reasonable goals you can also achieve balance in your personal life.

When there’s a problem call your clients

Remember clients will pay far more attention to you than they do to the markets. When there’s a problem don’t wait for the phone to ring. Call your clients first in order to maintain the trust and credibility. Then fix the problem, move on and don’t dwell.

If you make a mistake own it and your clients will value your honesty and integrity.

Clients will leave if they lack confidence in you and a lack of communication breeds insecurity on their part; so make this your number one priority. By saying you’re sorry, you’re treating your clients with respect – and treating them in the same way you want others to treat you.

When mistakes lose you a client

If you lose a client don’t feel guilty, just see it as a chance for you to learn what went wrong and fix it so it doesn’t happen again. You will have a failure quotient when it comes to clients but remain positive. Go back to every client you have and ask them what it is they really want from you. Then ensure you’re on track to meet or exceed their expectations.

Finish each day on a positive note, in the knowledge that whatever has happened, you have done your best. Tomorrow is a new day so start it on the basis that you will continue to do your best for your clients. Remember the one big thing you’re not guilty of is giving cheap advice. When you tell someone how to get their kids through college or pay the doctor’s fees that’s real heartfelt advice – and that’s priceless.

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