How a Marketing Resume Can Help You Get Out of a Rut

How a Marketing Resume Can Help You Get Out of a RutIf you feel that you’re stuck in rut, and can’t see how to get your business back on track then it’s time for a change. The worst thing you can do is just sit there and hope things pick up. Overcome your inertia and develop a clear marketing and client acquisition strategy. Decide what your unique value proposition is and create a marketing resume.

If you haven’t already got a plan or value proposition you’re not alone, neither do the majority of financial advisors. And many do OK without one. But if you want your business to do more than OK, if you want it to thrive rather than just muddle on, having a marketing resume that tells people why they should hire YOU is a must.

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Be proactive and get started on your marketing resume today

Create a marketing resume which includes your value statement and tells prospects why they should want to do business with you. Lack of positioning is a problem in the financial services industry so by having a resume you will be able to differentiate yourself and enable people to better understand who you are and what you are about. It will inform potential clients what you can do to help them and how committed you are to doing so.

How to go about creating a marketing resume

  • Focus on your strengths and use meaningful words to build your mission statement, value proposition and to position yourself..
  • List a few words that are exciting or inspirational to you and use them in the resume. Are they “achieve”, “communicate”, “motivate”, “understand”? Use them to stir up emotions in prospects.
  • Create messaging that is simple, use tag lines and value statements and give vivid examples. Make these relate not only to your work but to your home and personal life. It’s the personal information that will help prospects connect with and empathize with you – two essential ingredients to starting a dialogue.
  • Talk about your charity work, your hobbies, your family and any civic roles you have, because they are the things you are likely to have in common with your prospects.
  • Tell people why you became a financial advisor, the sense of reward you feel in helping people, and focus on the success stories you’ve overseen. Make yourself memorable.
  • Once you’ve written your resume check that it verifies your character, demonstrates your competencies, and gives prospects a clear and vivid picture of what you do and who you are.

Once you’ve perfected your resume mail it out to everyone you know, and attach it to every email you send out.

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Cast your net carefully

It’s tempting to think that when you’re stuck in a rut it’s because you haven’t tried to cast a wider net to get new clients. In fact having a too diverse prospect base could be partly what’s holding you back.  The “everything for everyone” approach might even result in fewer clients.

Ask yourself who is your target market, who do you want to serve? What’s the demographic, what are the attributes and behaviors of that market? How can you match yourself to that market?

Find your niche and tailor your marketing resume to that niche.I If you have more than one, be it dry cleaners, doctors or 50 year olds who need to plan their retirement,  you should also build a marketing plan and use  different angle for each market.

There will always be ups and downs in life and in business, but the best way to get out of a downturn is to turn it into an opportunity to regroup. Go on the marketing offensive, redouble your efforts and define your position by crafting a winning marketing resume.

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