What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7 in November

What's New Don Connelly 247 November 2014Happy Cyber Monday, everyone! We don’t have a special promotion running for today but Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo did release their first CD-set together just last week, How to Excel in the Securities Industry, so you may want to check it out. Order the 4-CD set here!

It’s time for our blog series, What’s New on Don Connelly 24/7. We recap new video and audio podcasts, Weekly Focus issues, the Monthly Newsletter, and webinars. Read on!

What’s new on Don Connelly 24/7 in November

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New Podcasts

Don’s Monthly Newsletter for November – Not Everyone Is Looking for the Cheapest Price

I recently spoke with a twenty-year veteran who has a great track record. He does a lot of business. He has decided to go back to selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds. He just doesn’t want to talk about estate planning anymore. He’s tired of dealing with the financial bodyguards, the accountants and attorneys, who feed off the wealthy. He’s tired of bringing in money, locking it up for years at a rather small fee and going back out for more money.

He wants to get off the open-new-accounts-gather-more-assets train. He wants to recreate his old business model. When I asked him how he plans to compete with the discount houses, he said he doesn’t try to match prices with Fidelity and the others.

He charges more than they do and he provides extra service that is worth the extra money. He cautioned me that not everyone in America is looking for the cheapest price, the best deal. There are plenty of people in the Dallas area who buy individual investments, who love great service and who expect to pay for it. They also love Intel at a nearly 3% yield.

Will the transition work? Maybe. I wouldn’t bet against him. He’s likeable, he’s trustworthy and he’s smart. He’s the kind of guy you want to know and be around. He gets it. But is he going to price himself out of the business?

Read or listen to the monthly newsletter, available in written as well as audio format.

The AskDON episode which goes with this Monthly Newsletter comes from an Advisor in Providence. She wants to know if Don has a feel for the appropriate number of clients an Advisor should have.

Find Don’s answer in the second part of both the written and the audio version of the Monthly Newsletter.

Don’s Weekly Focus

Each Wednesday Don sends our premium members a Weekly Focus email containing:

  • one insight for the week
  • one of Don’s brief but dynamic video/audio podcasts
  • one easily implemented Action Plan

During the month of November, we sent out and posted 4 Weekly Focus issues, as follows:

Latest Webinar Replay – Center Stage with Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo

What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do

We are happy to report that our webinars keep growing in size and popularity. On November 5, 2014, we had several hundred Advisors join in to listen to words of wisdom from Richard Capalbo. Richard was so scintillating that the questions poured in at the end.

Richard told the participants that he intended to focus on three main topics:

  • How to analyze your business in a truly unique way
  • How to build a successful client service model
  • Why you need a rigorous client acquisition and retention plan

Click here to read the blog post recap of the webinar on Don’s blog.

You can also watch the webinar replay on Don Connelly 24/7 learning center.

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