How Consistency Will Help You Become an Elite Advisor

How Consistency Will Help You Become an Elite AdvisorThe behavior of elite Advisors is consistent. They come up with good ideas and they stick with them. They do something for a long enough time to know if it works. That’s precisely why what they do is so easily measurable.

This type of behavior is mandatory for those who wish to build a business in a dependable manner.

It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of average Advisors because their behavior is less consistent. We might try seminars this quarter and if we don’t see results in ninety days, we’ll try a referral campaign. If that doesn’t work next quarter, we’ll try something else. We don’t do something for a long enough time to measure results. Without clearly delineated goals, accountability becomes elusive.

The need to be consistent sounds boring.

It smacks of working in a factory. It has no sense of adventure. It’s certainly for lesser minds.

Afraid not. Consistency is the purview of the pros.

Professionals get great at what they do slowly, over time. They tinker with a repeatable process until it’s just right, until it does the job for them.

When any craftsman has a time-proven repeatable process, consistency is a result. So, too are predictable results. So, too, is the luxury of making fewer decisions.

Too many Advisors arrive at work in the morning wondering what the day will bring. With no particular plan, every day is a new adventure.

Too few Advisors arrive at work in the morning knowing exactly what they are going to do that day.

They know whom they are going to call and they know whom they are going to see. They have appointments every day, as they move steadily toward their goals.

They are consistent, they have predictable results and there are no decisions made on the fly. They know that slow and steady wins the race.

Hopefully, consistency is your hallmark.

You do quality work, you give yourself time to succeed and you are determined to see your plan through to fulfillment.

If this is not the case, do not worry. Gaining consistency is easier than you think. And I assure you that the difference between succeeding and failing is consistency.

Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, becoming consistent begins with a decision.

Striving for perfection is unrealistic. Deciding to become consistent is reasonable. Once we have made the decision to become consistent in our behavior, the next step is to start moving toward your goal.

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Decide on a ritual you would like to perform daily.

Let’s assume that you always have a better day when you get eight hour’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and, while getting dressed, decide on the first three tasks you will perform that day.

When you walk into your office, you know exactly what you are going to do. This routine makes you feel like you are advancing your life and career. Make the decision to do those three things every day and get in the routine of doing them.

Consistency is, after all, steadfast adherence. You’re going to do these three things, even if, some days, you don’t feel like doing them. You know you’ll have a better day if you do them, so you do them no matter how you feel.

You will soon have a repeatable process that works and enhances your life.

Carry that thought process into other parts of your life. Prospect consistently. Ask for a commitment consistently. Make your client service consistently outstanding. Grow your business consistently. There simply is no other way to get good.

Hard work and repetition are an Advisor’s best friends.

Erratic behavior produces erratic results. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to measure your progress if you are consistent. You’ll find it a lot easier to be consistent if you know what’s expected of you every day. And you’ll know what’s expected of you ever day if you set the rules and stick to them. Make your goals consistency, fewer decisions and predictable results.

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