Personalizing Your Services Will Help You Succeed as a Financial Advisor

Personalizing Your Services Will Help You Succeed as a Financial AdvisorAll financial advisors generate income in the same way, by offering similar platforms at essentially the    same price. The job description: to help people simplify their finances and get peace of mind that they can reach their goals. Naturally achieving this task is of the utmost importance but if you want to stand apart from the crowd and win more businesses you need to do more; you need to personalize your services.

By treating each client personally and making them feel important you will not just meet their expectations but exceed them. If your clients feel they’re just a number to you they won’t rate your services and they will be unlikely to refer you to others.

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Stand apart from the crowd by personalizing your services

Personalize your services in order to position yourself as an elite advisor. Offer clients a certain ‘something’ – a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that other advisors don’t have. Find a way to add personal value via an individual approach that makes people warm to you and want to do business with ‘you’.

Your personality is your best asset. And even if you feel you have not been blessed with the most charismatic personality do not despair because charisma and self-confidence are traits you can develop. You can make yourself more likeable by exhibiting certain behaviors.

Get on the same wavelength with clients, by listening

Focus all your attention on your clients. Listen more than you talk. By listening to your clients you will discover their motivations and fears. Once you are on the same wavelength you can make your services ‘all about them’. By personalizing your services you have established yourself in your clients’ minds as someone they trust and as someone who cares – someone who is genuinely interested in them.

Reveal your personality

In order to build a relationship with clients let them get to know you better by telling them your ‘who I am’ story. Telling stories is a great way to connect with people – including prospects and clients – so use your personal experiences to show why they should like and trust you.

You may feel uncomfortable sharing personal stories with others, but it pays to open up and get personal to build empathy. Use examples of life experiences, the lessons you’ve learned through making mistakes, tell them the real reasons you chose to become a financial advisor.

Decide on your messages and what you want your listeners to feel and take away with them. I If you’re the most caring advisor there is – don’t hide your light under a bushel – reveal this to them.

Personalize your services by showing you care

Prove your clients are not just another number to you by keeping in regular contact with them. Don’t just phone them when there’s a problem. Call them for a friendly catch up to let them you know you’re there for them, that you’re committed to the relationship for the long term.

Get more referrals by personalizing your services

By providing exceptional and personalized services to clients you will make yourself memorable and people will recommend you to others. If you make your clients feel as though they are part of your inner circle you will get invited into theirs.

Help your clients achieve their financial objectives – but make them feel great while doing so. Their perception of great service is personalized service. If you make your clients feel special they will reward you by remaining loyal through the tough times, and they won’t hesitate to refer you to their friends and family.

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