Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidence

Your Selling Skills Are a Reflection of Your Self-confidenceWould you open an account with a Financial Advisor who was nervous and unsure of himself? Neither will your prospects.

Your livelihood is dependent upon your ability to sell yourself.

How well you sell yourself is in direct proportion to your self-confidence. The more success you have, the more you believe in your abilities and the higher you go. Top tier Advisors are supremely confident in their ability to influence and persuade. They have overcome the fear of failure.

It takes self-confidence to move another person to take action.

It takes success to build self-confidence. As the old song reminds us, you can’t have one without the other. The good news is that building self-confidence is not one gigantic task.

Building self-confidence is simply getting in the right habits. It’s a series of building blocks you can begin to assemble starting right now. Use the building blocks to create those requisite habits. We’re not talking giving up cigarettes or losing twenty pounds. We’re talking baby steps.

Building block one is identifying and accepting your good qualities.

Are you a good communicator? Are you passionate? Do you listen well? Are you likable and trustworthy? Are you smart? What prior successes, big or small, have you had? Draw inspiration from them.

By doing this, you’ll realize that your good qualities and strong points outweigh your bad qualities and weak points. If you learn to focus on your good qualities, you’ll be on your way to becoming self-confident.

Another block is making the decision to be optimistic.

Optimistic Advisors fare far better than naysayers. Stay away from toxic people and squelch the negative self-talk.

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Forgetting perfection and striving for excellence is yet another building block.

If you try to be perfect, you will always fall short. Perfection is where excellence goes to die. Just get good at what you do. Falling short and self-confidence are mutually exclusive.

Strive to eliminate self-induced stress.

One common stress factor we can control is procrastination. The fuel light in your car comes on for a reason. Build a fuel light in your mind for necessary tasks. When the prospecting fuel light comes on, get proactive. Putting off necessary tasks is guaranteed to result in low self-esteem. Creating new habits generally begins with breaking old habits.

Maintain a positive self-image.

Personal grooming habits are essential components of self-confidence. If you don’t feel you look right, your performance will suffer. Pay attention to your wardrobe.

Eye contact is a habit you can begin to build immediately. So are listening and smiling. Stand up straight. Enunciate clearly. Use common sense.

Become a student of the business. The more you know, the better prepared you are to succeed.

Always know where you are and where you are going.

Business plans and succession plans are not extravagances, only to be implemented by elite Advisors.

Stick to your guns. Don’t compromise your principles for a short-term gain.

Self-confidence is never a matter of big steps and big gains. It’s a matter of little victories.

Accomplish one small thing and build on that.

You know that if people save a little bit of money each month, they’ll be surprised at how much money they’ll have at the end of the year. Carry that philosophy into your own career. Never stop doing the little things.

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