7 Things You Can Do for Clients to Show That You Care

7 Things You Can Do for Clients to Show That You CareIf you are to be a successful financial advisor, you need to do more than simply manage money. You need to be great at managing relationships – in particular, you need to show your clients that you truly care about them.

If you care more than people expect you to care not only will clients remain loyal to you, but they’ll feel comfortable about referring you to friends, family and colleagues.

Here are 7 ways to show you care.

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#1. Maintain regular communication

Call clients on birthdays, or during the holidays. In fact, call clients on a routine basis just for a catch up – not to sell them anything. Always return calls and emails promptly, no matter how busy your schedule.

Make it easy for clients to come to you with their questions or ask your advice. Create an open-door policy – that you are always available to listen to their concerns.

#2. Get to know your clients well

Don’t think about demographics when you’re working out how to serve your clients. Your clients are individuals, so make it your business to know everything about them – from their family situation to their interests.

You can only learn about your clients by actively listening to them, so when you’re in a conversation with them let them speak more than you do. By listening to clients you’re showing you care about what they have to say.

#3. Get involved in all aspects of your clients’ lives

Make it your aim to be like elite advisors. When their clients have a big purchase coming up, for example a car or real estate, they step in and offer to assist. They look out for their clients’ best interests at all times. Some successful advisors help their clients find a social worker, while others even drive clients to doctors’ appointments.

This type of ‘above and beyond’ behavior shows their clients that they are top of mind at all times. By caring more than other advisors, they have moved their relationship with clients from professional to personal.

It will take time to create an intimate relationship with clients, but if you take the time to carry out unexpected acts of kindness, you will become a trusted confidant and friend.

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#4. Show passion for your job

Show your caring side. If you love your job because you love helping people achieve their financial goals, reveal this in your ‘who I am’ story. Let your honesty and integrity shine through by letting clients see the real you.

Did you start out as a financial advisor because you hated to see people struggle financially? Then get this message across. Reveal aspects of your private life that illustrate your authenticity and ethics – how does it make you feel to help a couple achieve their dream retirement?

If clients can see your caring side, they will like you and trust that you will look after them for the long term.

#5. Ask clients for their feedback on your service

Ask your clients regularly for feedback because this will show that you respect their opinion and want to offer them a service that they love. Use short questions and make it easy for them to answer. If you get some negative responses so much the better – you can use this information to improve your business.

#6. Reveal your succession plan

Your clients will want to know that their welfare is of the utmost importance to you. If you don’t have a succession plan, this will make them nervous about what would happen to their investments should anything happen to you. If you don’t yet have a succession plan now is the time to develop one, and ensure your clients know all about it.

#7. Speak to clients on their own level

Always speak to clients on their level, never using the jargon of a financial advisor. Keep it simple, don’t try to impress or dazzle clients and use analogies and stories to make the unfamiliar familiar.

If you can make a complex subject easily understandable, clients will feel smart – people like to feel smart.

In this competitive market you need to continually justify your value to clients. To do this you need to offer them a truly personalized and caring service. Clients don’t expect to receive cursory attention. They want you to take them on an exceptional customer journey.

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