5 Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors to Ensure Steady Growth

5 Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors to Ensure Steady GrowthNever attempt to distinguish yourself on products or price. You won’t win using this strategy. Instead, find ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a service that goes above and beyond.

But before you can prove your worth you need to find and connect with potential clients – because they won’t find you by accident. Here are some potential marketing strategies that could help you get on their radar.

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#1. Take up a hobby

If you love playing golf, why not join a club and share your passion with others? At the same time, you could potentially drum up interest for your business. Sharing interests gives you something interesting to talk about, rather than money, a subject that makes many people feel uncomfortable. At some point down the line you can introduce the topic of finances, but only after you’ve established a rapport with other members.

And don’t take up a hobby you have no interest in simply to meet potential clients – they’ll likely see through you in no time. If you feel you’d truly enjoy spending time as part of a group or society, it’s a win-win situation – because there’s every chance you could win some new clients into the bargain.

#2. Tell people what you ‘do’ rather than what you ‘are’

When someone asks you what you do for a living see this as an opportunity to market yourself to them. Don’t say ‘I’m a financial advisor’ because that’s what you ‘are’ rather than what you ‘do’. Find an answer that resonates with that specific person.

Work out what their issues are, whether they’re approaching retirement or have young children. Then reply with an answer that will pique their curiosity. For example, if you’re talking to a prospective retiree, you could answer that you provide financial advice for those approaching retirement.

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#3. Set yourself up as a thought leader

There are multiple ways to offer the benefit of your valuable insights and provide prospective clients with information about the services you offer. For example, you could start a blog with best practices and tips, aimed at helping prospects and clients make good financial decisions. This will not only establish you as a credible brand but help you rise up the search engine rankings.

Or run lunch-time webinars or seminars and invite expert speakers to discuss financial topics of interest. This will help to raise your profile locally and make you stand out as a thought leader.

#4. Get involved with local businesses

Join a chamber of commerce or business association and get networking. This is an ideal way to meet other small business owners and by attending and volunteering you’re showing people you’re a dedicated, reliable and professional person.

You could also join local organizations that are looking for speakers – for example, special interest groups or educational establishments. If you get to speak, make it clear you’re not there looking for new business. You aren’t there to sell, but to impart some valuable insights. Simultaneously you’ll be raising awareness of your services.

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#5. Don’t forget your current clients

Keep up with your existing clients. Over time their circumstances may change, and it may be the case that they require additional services from you.

It also pays to keep in touch with clients, often, simply to reinforce the strength of your relationship. Make a note of birthdays, anniversaries and use a CRM to remind you when to send a message or make a call. This will show clients you care about your relationship with them and invoke in them a sense of loyalty that will pay you dividends in future.

As CEO of your own business, you have to be great at dealing with numbers and have to possess excellent communication skills. In addition, you need to be your own marketing manager and find creative ways to meet and convert prospects.

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